Laura Smith

  • Melbourne, Australie

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Qui est Laura ?

I've been traipsing around the planet since January 2014, including several months crewing on tall ships. I'd love to do some more.
My sailing time has included going from Brisbane to Fiji then from Fiji to Vanuatu on the Alvei (4.5 months), from Broome to Exmouth on the Replica Endeavour (2 weeks), from Hobart to Melbourne on the Windeward Bound (10 days), and some pottering around the bay in Melbourne on the Enterprize (12 days). I had a lot of fun on these journeys, and never quite got over the experience of seeing whales breaching right beside me or dolphins swimming through phosphorescence.
On these trips I kept watches, did safety checks, helmed, kept log entries, did sail changes, galley duty, sail repair, general maintenance etc, and a short stint standing in as watch leader. I'm more of a deckhand than a climber. I always experience sea-sickness but stop throwing up after the first few days.
I've also done some dingy sailing on lakes.
I've got a background working in the theatre industry as a technician, event manager, and administrator. I knit badly, play the ukulele badly, play chess badly, and sometimes tell bad jokes. I love to read classic novels set on tall ships, while on tall ships. I'm vegetarian, I like a drink every once in a while, but don't smoke or do drugs.